Course Detail

Thank you for expressing an interest to include The “S” Word: The Role of Schools in Preventing Suicide as part of your school’s professional development programming.

The purpose of the training is to provide a practical, step-by-step resource for school staff to build a learning environment supporting the needs of students at risk of suicide and/or self-injury. Rather than presenting theories, The “S” Word provides a comprehensive summary of “what works” based on extensive real-life experiences from survivors and experts in the field of suicide prevention.

The training includes a pre-and post-test assessment along with six modules featuring suicide loss survivors, attempt survivors, educators, school administrators, emergency responders, faith leaders, students, and local celebrities, as well as prominent experts in the field of self-injury, suicide prevention, postvention and trauma.

Module 1 – Suicide is a preventable public health problem
This module focuses on the role of school staff in identifying and supporting youth who are at risk of suicide.
Running time: 8 minutes and 35 seconds

Module 2 – Suicide prevention is everyone’s business
This module provides examples of how schools can work with mental health and community-based organizations to create a safety net for students who might be at-risk for suicide or other kinds of self-destructive behaviors.
Running time: 9 minutes and 18 seconds

Module 3 – Risk factors, warning signs and protective factors for youth suicide
This module introduces some of the core risk factors, warning signs, and protective factors for youth suicide. This module also provides five student scenarios and one educator scenarios which provide detailed suggestions for appropriate interventions for students and staff that may be at risk for suicide.
Running time: 81 minutes and 23 seconds

Module 4 – Postvention
This module presents compelling examples on how school communities can respond to the suicide death of a young person.
Running time: 11 minutes and 55 seconds

Module 5 – Stories of resilience: Journey to hope and healing
This module presents real life stories of resilience, hope and healing.
Running time: 16 minutes and 44 seconds

Module 6 – Suicide prevention resources in Massachusetts
This module provides a comprehensive description of suicide prevention resources in Massachusetts.
Running time: 8 minutes and 14 seconds